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concealed V1 in Roadster

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I have searched here and in other forums and cannot find any good, concealed V1 installations in Roadsters. I live in VA so it cannot just hang from the windshield or the mirror. I will hardwire it with the remote display. Any ideas? Pics would be great.

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Haven't seen any stealth installs in roadsters in teh 3 years I've been frequenting the various 350z forums. Where in VA are you located?
Where in VA are you located?
judging by username I would guess somewhere in the vicinity of UVA...

As far as hidden installs on roadsters, I can't offer much help. I remember reading a post on the evil site ( where somebody was looking for a good place to hide one on the roadster...I don't know if he ever found a way though. :dunno:

Good guess. I am in Richmond, but I spend a lot of time in Charlottesville.
I'm in Richmond too! I wouldn't assume anything based on the name... there are FAR too many wahoo's around here (and everywhere else in the state!)
If you ever find a way to hide it let me know :goodtimes:
I've been looking for almost 2 years now :banghead:

You can't have too many wahoos, just too many hokies or tar heels!!

If you are into autocross, check us out at We have our first autocross of the year on 3-20 at Cloverleaf Mall. It will be my first autocross in the Z. I have been driving a Mustang Cobra conv for the last few years.
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