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I am considering purchasing a 350z used, and am doing some research to understand the vehicle in more detail.

I am trying to determine what some of the more common problems and solutions are on these cars. I know that no car is perfect so just want to quantify and understand the common issues.

Most likely considering a 2003 Track model with very few miles (15000 km or 9300 mi), so any info you could provide would be helpful.

So far I have found:

1.)Tire wear/alignment issues - I havent seen that there are any fixes to this yet - correct? Seems that tires would need to be replaced every 10k miles and an alignment needed?

2.)Transmission (Manual) - I have seen complaints from some saying difficult to change into gears, specifically 2nd and 3rd. Common fix seems to be swap tranny under warranty. Some seem to have similar problems on new tranny? No fix yet?

3.)ECU problems - have ran across this but not well documented - what are the issues?

What other issues are common, specifically on the 2003 model years?

Im trying to understand how widespread these problems are and any possible fixes or work arounds.

Cheers, Jeff

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Good for you on doing the research! I have an 03, and I consider myself lucky that I haven't had too many problems. The tire issue has been fixed (I hope), but I have never heard of an ECU problem. There's nothing wrong with it.

My tranny is running fine, but I also have heard that about the 04's, not just the 03.

There's the window grease problem, which is supposed to be fixed under warranty. The stock stereo is another problem, but that's Bose for you. I don't have a problem with it, but other's have gone through as many as 4 stock units.

Other than that, you're right about every car having their problems, small or large. No car is perfect.
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