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Coding Remote Keys

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Hi Guys,

I thought I'd post this as it may have been lost in my recent post for my Stolen Z. I've had new locks put in my Z but they forgot to provide a new Remote Key, (only had new keys for the new locks), so I had to get this from Nissan.

That's all fine but it needs to be coded and I don;t think the old spare remote key was recoded either. So, if the lovely thieves still had the keys they stole they could potenially unlock the car albeit they wouldn't be able to start it with the keys they have.

I've checked out various sites and posts on the subject elsewhere but the instructions provided do not work. I'm assuming we have a different setup here in Oz as opposed to the UK & the US. (Probably a good thing I suppose.)

I've spoken to Nissan and all they say is that I need to take it to a Service Ctr, which is fine, and that it will take around 1 hour. Not a massive deal but it seems strange given elsewhere in the world it is simply a 5 minute, not even, process for recoding and adding new remotes. (I'm sure they will want to charge me even though they told me the price of the remote included coding. It was sourced by the smash repairs so it is all getting too hard.)

So, I just wanted to know whether anyone out there knew whether it was a simple process, as per other countries, or not and, if so, wehat the process was so I could do it myself.

See ya
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If you have checked the US posts & still doesn't work, then Nisshit is the only answer!


PS: The smash repairers should really have taken care of this. Afterall, they are getting paid by the insurance company. If Nisshit want to charge you, take it back to the smashies and make them do it!

Good Luck!
You're right. nevertheless, I managed to get it done at Nissan for nothing after all. On the basis the remote key had already been purchased and the coding was part of the price it ended up not being a problem.

Still, they didn't tell me how to do it. It only takes a couple of minutes so I know it is not a big deal. Oh well, hopefully it never has to get done again!

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