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I HAVE A 03 touring of which is stalling during start ocassionaly and stalled during driving for the first time today. All was mostly good besides noticing a slight rpm change right before my starter went out. Got the starter replaced last Friday and all of a sudden it stalled as soon as it would start. The past two days seemed fine then randomly today driving home the car stalled while coming to a red light. It wouldn鈥檛 turn over again for about 1-2 minutes. When it started again it threw codes which were P0340 camshaft position sensor, P1564 ASCD switch, P0327 (knock sensor harness). Now what I鈥檓 lost on is the P1564 being I have a aftermarket steering wheel without airbag and cruise control and have for about 3 months without a check engine light. The only light I鈥檝e had is the airbag light. Can anyone help please?! It鈥檚 my daily so I sadly still have to drive it and don鈥檛 want to damage more.
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