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I purchased O2 Simulators

I had the sims installed last night and have not had a code as of yet so it seems to be working. I would recommend these to anyone. I know there are some sites that are selling them for 45+ dollars for each one. I have found a site that allows you to have one sim for single or dual exhaust. I have purchased this O2 sim and it works great, and it also costs less than if you went with another brand that costed you four times as much. Here is what I mean:

I looked around for many O2 Simulators and found only a select few. In those I found Casper was suggested on this forum but it takes two to trick the ECU into thinking it is got the right signal. On an alternate site I found O2 and they have one that is gauranteed to work or your money back and it works on both single or dual echaust and it only takes one box to do it.

Just my opinion but it seems to me that 30.00 bucks shipped is better than 110.00 shipped and it only cost me 30.00 bucks to have my sims put in and also with that my wideband as well. So even with install it was 60.00 so that is stilll less than the other guys. You can also get one from a guy named Skidazzle on the forum he makes them but I am not sure if it is for 04 or just 03 model Zs.

Thanks and hope this info is helpful.

Links to sites to check out info on O2 Sumilators


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