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I've been thinking of replacing the OEM (cloth) seats. I've read many threads and learned a lot from the experience(s) of other 350Z owners... All of this has led me to the consideration of the "Cobra Misano L."

So, I would like to see if any forum members could comment on these seats... I would be especially interested in:

1. Their overall comfort for "daily driving"
2. Their suitabilty for long trips
3. Are they "big enough" for a 6'0" guy at about 180 pounds (38" waist)... Some seats I've sat in are too snug!
4. Durability?
5. Fit inside the Z? Do they "rub" against door panels (or anything else for that matter)?
6. Got photos of your Cobra Misano L installation?

Thanks a millon!

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