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Yesterday we installed a stage 3 Clutchmaters high performance kevlar clutch
The install was done at MRC Motorsports in NJ and took about 5 hours with us taking out time and working very slowly. The Borla exhaust slowed us down a bit as it had to be removed,a stock exhaust would have been 100% faster to remove.The clutch itself comes with the alignment tool and throwout bearing and is a simple install once the tranny is out. This would be a good time to do the flywheel and shortthrow all in one but I opted to not go with a lighter flywheel,but may do the shorth throw down the road,as the tranny need not be dropped to do the shifter.
The clutch requires a 450-500 mile STOP AND GO driving, break in period.
I noticed smoother engagement of the new clutch and it does engage sooner than the stock clutch.I was really surprised how easy the clutch engaged,it feels 1000 times better than the stock one with less pedal force required to engage/disengage.
I also noticed that the "notchy shifts" are no longer there and the tranny seems to go into gear much better now!!I will keep everyone posted on my review of this clutch in the next few weeks...
The stage 3 is recomended for up to a 100 shot of N2O or some mild Forced Induction and HP increases and will be fine for any type of FI that is currently being run on the Z.
The stage 4 is for more radical HP boosts but has a warning that it has very HARSH engagement and not for street use.Most drivers would not like the way the stage 4 feels and never need more than a stage 3..
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