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Clutch makes a popping noise

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Hi, My car is about a week old and I'm starting to hear other weird noises. Sometimes when I step on the clutch it makes a loud pop noise. Is there something wrong with it already? I'm getting worried. It sounds like you can hear it from outside too.
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I agree.. normal but still strange tho. Try putting the clutch in slower, and removing it slower while starting - should make the noise go away.
I was the same way when I first got the car. I was so aware of every little thing until I got used to it. Now I barely notice or the noises are gone. The clutch noise is normal; something to do with bushings (or lack thereof).
Thanks for the help! I had clutch problems with my Si when I had it, and it was really not supposed to do that. So I figured this was too. I guess I need a crash course on the Z's noises.
More power means more noises, you got 270lb of torque going through that clutch and flywheel, compared to less than half of that in you r SI.

other noises to look for:

clicking noise "sewing machine" from engin: it's the injectors working
whining noise "sounds like a supercharger" : Power baby!!
grinding noise when clutch is disengaged "noticeable inside the garage": flywheel
vibrating shifter: Power baby

did I miss anything guys?
It's a f$%ing Nissan, makes noise everywhere. This is what we all get for driving a Nissan, my new Boxster S does not make any new noise like Nissan claims is "normal" for a sports car. They usually shut up about that when I drive up in my Elise or the new Boxster to pick up the Z that is always in the shop
you have an elise and a boxter?

I don't like you anymore.
no doubt that car need to be tightened.. but I still love it.. as far as a Boxter S making noises, it better not fk'n make any for the price you pay for it.
Geez..whatever this normal stuff is, it makes the car sound like a broken lawn mower. Kinda feel weird thinking other drivers can hear it on the streets. Brand new car paper plates. lol

If you look in the problems/solutions forum you will find a lot of nuances of the Z. I looked all these up before I got mine so I know what to expect. Even so I don't really notice much of it.
I heard that HyperGrounding Kit will get rid of the ticking sound of the engine and will make it idle allot smoother, some people compared it to the inline 6 of BMWs.. anyone can confirm?

what people hear around the car is the roar of the exhaust which is pretty loud for a stock. I have the JWT pop charger and that thing growls like a lion.

I have an Elise and the Boxster i am driving now is a loaner. My Boxster S is due to arrive in May. I am selling the Elise to my friend when the Boxster gets here, I have way too many cars, not enough cash.

Get used to Nissan problems, the dealer will bend you over and screw you hard. I am being blacklisted by Nissan, even the regional manager wont call me back :helpsmilie:
Why three sports cars tmak? I'm lookin towards keepin my z and purchasing somethin 4-door, awd, stick and fast.. gotta have a wide variance of vehicles. Whats the point in having 3 two-seaters??

The luxury of not having kids and not being married help with the buying decisions. I just want to buy all the sports cars before I get married in 2-3 years. I also cant stand how 4 seaters drive nor can I stand the looks of them. Sure the EVO and STI are faster than my Z, but it looks like someone's pimped out Civic. I am not about to go that route. As far as the Elise, I bought it to make a profit. I am going to make 4K off it despite having 7000 miles on it. I placed an order on the Boxster because I was so pi$$ed off at Nissan. The car is very nice, but its nice built to the standard that any 30K car should be. I would get rid of it now if i could, but then I will just wait a couple of years when the warranty runs out. If I need to carry people or things, I just borrow someone's car. I thought about getting a SVX as a winter car, but I found a MR2 turbo right before I bought hte SVX. I ended up with the MR2 instead. I figure three 2-seaters mean I have a six seater total :werd:

I would have picked the RX-8 over the Z to begin with if it had 2 less seats, shorter and a few extra ponies
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Ugh i beg to differ. I have this same popping noise and it is **** loud. I called my dealer and they said its a sign of something more serious and want me to bring my car in this week for them to look at it all day. You can feel it in the shift pedal, it shouldnt be normal imo.
They say everything is normal, they are morons who just happen to work at the dealer. Most of them are truely grease monkeys rather than mechanics
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