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Clear hood? Show off that turbo!

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This looks like a kick ass setup.. anyone have any info on this car? (shown at the tokyo auto salon)




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I was wondering how they got the turbo to fit there...
pretty cool , illegal on the streets though right ?
why would it be illegal? I see honda boys rolling around with no hood at all :)

It looks like they tilted the angle of the engine?
Thats amazing.. I wonder what kind of turbo that is?
its an Apexi car.. definitely not something we will ever see in production
That is sweet! That Turbo is huge! Anyone know anything else about that car?
At least it is a Z33 engine and not an rb26det. Other than that it is a cool idea but not something I would want to do.

:lol: .. Im pretty sure I read somewhere that clear hoods are illegal , at least in NY and NJ... :looking for info:
it looks like the engine is turned around backwards.. or at least the plenum is?
Maybe a VQ30Det?( does that even exist?)
Hood is probably for show, imagine the heat from that turbo. Going to have a serious melt down, or at least deform the plastic. Probably not street legal in most states as well. The hood is part of the structure that is supposed to help absorb impact in case of a collision. Also it to prevent any bits of motor becoming shrapnel should the engine blow and to minimize fire; never open hood if you see a small flame coming out or smoke, especially fuel/oil fire.
As far as the size of the turbo... how many seconds is the lag on it? LOL
I saw a pic somewhere in a mag with a reversed intake, just can't remember. Really I did see a pic! Must be the old age.

A Hui Hou

I wonder what boost he is pushing?? :dunno:
actually discussed this with my sponsors quite a while back. Since I'm Vorteched and the engine bay is done with a lot of polished pieces, we considered a clear or partially cleared hood (like the one pictured in this thread).

Problem is it would only be good for shows. Under normal driving conditions, the clear surface would become scarred from driving and would quickly become an eyesore. If you can arrange keeping two hoods around tho, one for show and one for go, it's a pretty cool idea.

:lol: .. Im pretty sure I read somewhere that clear hoods are illegal , at least in NY and NJ... :looking for info:
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Not illegal - just a really good way to get your **** stolen.. clear hood + massive turbo setup = "Steal me!! STEEAAALLL MEEEEEEE!!!!!" in NYC/NJ area..

Did you consider 3M clear bra over the areas?
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