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Cleaning JWT Pop Charger

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It has come to the time where the once blue Pop Charger is just dull gray. I need to clean it and do the blue oil recharge. I was wondering if any of you could give me step by step instructions on how to take it out and clean it and put it back. Im rather novice with mechanical things so plz I would appreciate your help.If any of you have pics of the process that would just be great. :shiftdrive:
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this would be a good how to if someone wants to do it...
The blue oil will turn grey on the pop charger... This does not mean it is dirty... The oil just looses its color.

Here are my insturctions for cleaning the filter...

How often do I use this oil on my filter?

This oil is to be used after cleaning the filter. When the filter turns brown with dirt or has been 3 months it is time to think about cleaning the filter.

How do I go about cleaning the filter?

You do not have to remove the whole Pop-Charger from the MAF Housing. There is a large clamp that holds the filter element on the velocity ring. Loosen this clamp and remove the filter. Rinse the filter from the Inside-Out (have water flow out of the filter in the oposite direction in which the air travels into the filter). Rinse until the water runs clear. Let the filter element dry for 30-40 Minutes (sitting over crumpled up newspaper helps speed the drying process). Once the filter is dry, apply oil to the out side of the filter (do NOT over oil). Let the filter dry for another 45 minutes. If any white spots appear apply another spray of oil and let dry. Once the filter is dry and no oil is dripping, re-install the filter and tighten the clamp
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JWT has a how-to with pictures and everything on their site:
yeah, i just used JWT cleaning instructions. it can be done easy

step 1 remove filter by loosening the clamp and use a soft bristle brush to remove larger paticles

step 2 use a good water base cleaner, i used 409 and it worked awesome. rinse it from the inside and do not use any pressure sprayer or compressed air. let the filter dry before going to step 3 (do not use heat, blow dryer, or compressed air)

step 3 spray a light coat of the blue oil (K&N oil works also, but will turn filter red) on the filter. do not spray the inside of the filter. let it sit for 10-15 minutes then wipe off any excess and check for missed areas. once it is done just reinstall the filter and you are done
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