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Here are a few simple rules to help guide us and make this 350Z community a secure and better place to avoid any scams or fraud

1. Please include the following into your classified post:

Payment terms
Pickup only/Ship:
Mileage (for non electronics):
Contact- email/PM/phone:

2. Bumping items. Please do not do a daily bump of an item. Only bump it if it is a week old or if the information in the original post has changed (i.e. price, shipping, etc)

3. Minimum post requirement. To make a classified ad, you must have a minimum of five (5) posts and been on the board at least a month. Any classified made before this time will have the thread edited and closed.

4. Items for sale over thirty (30) days old will be closed. Contact a moderator to have it reopened if the item is still for sale. Ther eis no need to create a new thread.

5. Group Buys. These are encouraged and enhance the opportunities for the members. You must remember that you are the liason between the company and the items that is being sold. No member will request any money be sent directly to them for a group buy item. Threads of this type will be deleted and a PM sent.

6. No 3rd Party Sales. All items sold must be the sole property of the seller and not an advertisement posted for another party or vendor. The items(s) must also be in the sole possession of the seller at the time of sale.

7. No Bulk Sales. At the discretion of the administrative staff, members are limited to the number of items that can be sold at one time. Exceptions would include "parting-out" of a sold or totaled vehicle.

8. High Value Item Resale. If a seller lists an item that has a market value of more than $500 they are prohibited from listing any items of similar description for a 3 month period. Example: If a seller lists a cat back exhaust for $600, that seller is prohibited from selling another exhaust system for 3 months. The seller is still free to list any other items they may have.

A warning to any scammers. If you deliberately rip off any member, be it a group buy or a single item, your information will be turned over to the local authorities for fraud, your account will be banned and a warning sent out to ALL 350Z forums.
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