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A post from the other forums by a fellow Z owner & friend, Pulp350Z. Just spreading the word. ( Original Thread: )

A Cincy area meet is planned for Sunday April 3rd. Meeting time is 8:30 am. At 9:00 am we will cruise north to Xenia for the autoX/drifting competition at Kil-Kare Raceway.

This will be a great opportunity to get up close to other cars. Presently we have approximately 10-15 owners of S2ks, 350Zs, STIs WRXs, RSX-S, etc. planning to attend. All makes of sports cars are welcome.

And Don't forget - 'Spring forward 1 hour saturday night'

For more information on the drifting competition check out:

If you plan to attend add your name to the list and repost it:
1. NismoZ33 (350Z)
2. Push (350Z)
3. MikeEwithTheZ (350Z)
4. Naive (350Z)
5. JuanJo (350Z)
6. Faluzure (350Z)
7. ALL BS (350Z)
8. 04ECSTAZ (350Z)
9. Pulp350Z (350Z)
10. Haga7584 (S2000)
11. SUVH8TR (S2000) - maybe
11. RSX_Enthusiast (RSX-S) - maybe
12. Menace Z (350Z)
13. BoopZ (350Z)
14. BgWilly (IS300)
15. Unknown (280Z or 300Z)

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Jinxxy, keep an eye on the Great Lakes section of the Forums over at is where most of the events get posted but Cinci is a drvie from PA....

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Ahhhh, good ol' Buckeye country. I miss home.


Dayton area, born and raised. Graduated from Tippecanoe H.S., Tipp City, Ohio, about 15 minutes North of Dayton. Live in the DC Metro area now. BIG difference.

Wish I could be there. You guys and gals have fun!!!
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