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Daaaaaaamn..... what's amazing is that he still has the car. I thought that in Japan, used cars were somewhat outlawed and parts were super expensive. I guess the program was to stimulate the economy by supporting the auto industry.

Still, that's a nice ride and would make a sweet addition to someone's collection.

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< FJ20 engine loading > S30Z full restore being completed! [ Advice from user ] [ The mail is sent to the friend, ] [ In calendar addition ] [ In watch list addition ]

Information of exhibition
Exhibition person (appraisal : Greenbellmotor (14
of payment * Bank transfer

Dispatch method
* Successful bidder postage burden
* Payment when ending dispatch

Escrow service
* ƒŒƒWƒ‰

Other auctions of exhibition
Appraisal of exhibition
It asks a question to the exhibition person

Online recognition proof:

Present price: 3,500,000 Yen
Remaining time: 1 day (detailed remaining time
The highest amount bidder: It is not
Quantity: 1
Bid number of cases: 0 (bid past record
Start price: 3,500,000 Yen
Bid unit: 1,000 Yen
Exhibition area: It is not open
Start day and time: August 4th 16 o'clock 39 minute
End day and time: August 11th 22 o'clock 39 minute
Auction ID: M18009879
* There are times when early it ends.
* It has not reached to the lowest successful bid price which is set yet.
* Overseas it does not dispatch. (Seller will not ship internationally.
* Bidder appraisal and restriction It is and there are times when it cannot accept bid (depending upon your appraisal)

It bids
* Yahoo! The JAPAN ID the one which is not having:

Help of utilization

* Yahoo! The method which has the JAPAN ID:

Log in help

Bid past record
Q&A (2)

Manufacturer name: NISSAN Car species name: Fair ready Z Grade name: S30Z reforming
Year system: 1970 Travel distance: Unclear Vehicle inspection expiration date: April of 2007

Body type: 2 door coupes Color: Black
Restoration history: Restoration history it is not Periodic maintenance records: The records it is not
Delivery condition: Present condition delivery Owner past record: Group of owners
Mission: 5 fast manuals Steering wheel: The left handle

Cooler * air conditioner &#129;|

CD &#129;›

Stereo (cassette) &#129;|

Power steering &#129;|

Power window &#129;|

Sun roof &#129;|

Aluminum wheel &#129;›

Television &#129;|

Air bag &#129;|

ABS &#129;|

Navigation &#129;|

This leather seat &#129;|

4WD &#129;|

MD &#129;|

Triplex row seats &#129;|

Full aero &#129;|

ƒ&#141;&#129;[ƒ_ƒEƒ“ &#129;|

Welfare vehicle &#129;|

Diesel &#129;|

Dealer car &#129;›

You to view it is grateful truly.
It is the restore car of fair ready Z. The FJ20 engine is placed. In addition the modification point in large quantity because of a certain, mail address upper question of entry.
* After commodity delivery no claim, we ask with the no return. Question * present car verification large welcome! Land sending generation bears of the successful bidder. Cancellation after the bidding successfully receives cancellation charge. The successful bidder please reads successful bid notification. Fixed holiday: Wednesday

Renewal being completed: August 8th 13 o'clock 22 minute

There is no excuse. It is not the left handle, we have become the right handle.

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Yeah, I'm still kicking myself for not picking up that 78' 280z I was gonna buy a year ago.. found it for 6K, talked the guy down to 3K. I just didnt have the heart to use it as my daily driver car. Too good of condition.

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Originally posted by DiRN+Aug 10 2005, 04:11 PM-->
@Aug 9 2005, 10:12 PM
right click and hit



I have no idea where you're getting that option from, but for everyone else. Go to Google and click on Language Tools

worked for me too? :dunno:
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