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Charlotte-G'boro-Raleigh Meet/March Madness 26th

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newcredit, started the original thread:

"Time to get all of the guys together from Charlotte to Raleigh! We could do a March Madness Get together in Greensboro.

I won't start this thread with the question "Is anybody interested in Making a road trip in March!"

I will be Optimistic and ASSume that with the possible warm weather, guys with new spoilers, exhausts, and new motors will be ready to just roadtrip!!!

I will do the research on the meet spot at a middle point which would be in Greensboro.

If you have Any thoughts on the subject post on!!!"


I will update this thread. Location in Greensboro area hopefully to be finalized this week sometime.

Original thread:
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I'm in. My mom lives in Greensboro so I go donw that way often anyway. I will follow this thread to see where it goes.
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