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changing my turn signals

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im gonna be getting rid of my amber turn signals and getting leds. probably white ones. what do u guys think is the nicest color led turn signal on a red touring? white, blue ,red,ets?
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i wanna get rid of the amber colr though. im thiniking going white turn signals

The EVOstyle bulbs are silver in color but flash orange....and orange is the color they need to flash if you want to avoid trouble with the MAN.
I have the EVOstyle bulbs and love the look. Here are a couple of pictures before and after.

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Great pics....

thanks to your quality pics I just ordered a set of the EVO sytle bulbs :goodtimes:
nice , but i personally want a different color flash

You can give that a try...not sure it's legal.
i dont care if its legal or not i already have illegal tints. so no matter what im gonna go down

Illegal tint will attract much less attention that non-amber turn signals...

I have no idea where you could find the bulbs you want ...sorry. If you do find some...make sure that they are the correct wattage...too much and the heat will discolor the clear headlight housing...too little and you will experience hyper-flash.
no. i i know i can get them on ebay, im just saying how do u guys think white sounds? i think im gonna put white turn signals in the fron and the rea lower bumper turn signals will also be white

They should look pretty good...make sure they're not 28's...correct wattage is 21.
28's will damage the housing and that thing is pricey.
I was driving home last night when an E46 328is turned on his HYPER WHITE turn blinker. It was the same as a long distance front bulbs flash in your face 30 feet in front of you. Inconclusion, just please make sure that they are not too bright.
I'm also buying a red one tomorrow and came here searching for info on the exact same thing. I want white-looking and white-FLASHING bulbs all around! Where do i buy em?
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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