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Ok replacing the whole exhaust system in a week or two, all im missin is the cats,
Has anyone heard numbers on Ultimate Racing cats? I heard they are good, i emailed the company and this is what they said
"Unfortunately, we never dyno'd our high-flow cats alone. It's rare we dyno exhaust products as exhaust systems are generally horsepower unleashers and not makers. They generally unleash power that is already on tap at the motor. The power they make heavily depends on the amount of modification. For what it's worth, we've sold many high-flow cats to the Z population and have always had positive feedback"

so im looking for best bang for buck, no raspiness, and lookin for a deep tone
heres the list
UR= 495
Crawford 5-10hp $550
Kinitex, eh 4-10hp $385 are there any problems with these
RT, heard too many bad things

I dont know, its hard to dish out $500 without numbers

ps. i am putting on injen ses straight, top speed headers, JWt intake and motordyne spacer
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i have the Kinteix racing test pipes w/ resonators and no raspiness what so ever. i havent experienced with other brands so i cant say for those but i am happy with mine. if you just get the test pipes w/o resonators you will have raspiness. i would suggest spending the extra money for the resonators!!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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