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The perfect power is a piggyback ECU Similar to the E-mange and Xede...But its fully tunable!! It is extremely versatile and can store 2 maps that are switchable via laptop or switch on the dash!!!(Great for race fuel or street tune..)My friend Jason put 2 of them in and gained 34hp in the midband and like 18 peak hp!!!The only problem is his car is getting a multiple engine misfire code,but has run great with the unit for 11,000 miles so far...The Code on his car I feel is a faulty Crank position sensor or bad coils..But Nissan wont even touch his car anymore =( The code is the reason the unit was never released but the unit is used by other companies such as Ripp automotive(little black box) and Stillen(comes with their SC) But under different names...My car is getting one installed on Friday with RC 440cc injectors and mapped for either the 8lb pulley or 9lb pulley..Maybee "A" map for 8lbs and "B" map for 9lbs when I go to the track!!!If anyone displays interest I may do a group buy on this unit with my maps as a plug and play with 440CC injectors...I will need a few weeks for testing as I wont let a product go out until I first prove it...Heres the link read up..The only dealer in the US is here in NJ and has over 45 years of tuning experience under his belt...
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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