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Cat-pipes And Injen Cai Dyno Chart

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here you go,

hp 249.0
tq 243.7

a stock z dynoed 234 just before i ran mine, so estimated 15hp increase with these mods


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What cai and test pipes do you have?
lsdunique, AKA kinetix cat pipes..they are top notch

injen cold air intake

i like the sound.. cant wait for my titanium exhaust
We need to get you fitted with the Perfect power SMT6 to take advantage of that extra power!!
daking what exactly is the smt6? i know its a piggy back but....
k.. im planning to do some FI later this year, should i wait on the perfect power or do it now?
The perfect power is a piggyback ECU Similar to the E-mange and Xede...But its fully tunable!! It is extremely versatile and can store 2 maps that are switchable via laptop or switch on the dash!!!(Great for race fuel or street tune..)My friend Jason put 2 of them in and gained 34hp in the midband and like 18 peak hp!!!The only problem is his car is getting a multiple engine misfire code,but has run great with the unit for 11,000 miles so far...The Code on his car I feel is a faulty Crank position sensor or bad coils..But Nissan wont even touch his car anymore =( The code is the reason the unit was never released but the unit is used by other companies such as Ripp automotive(little black box) and Stillen(comes with their SC) But under different names...My car is getting one installed on Friday with RC 440cc injectors and mapped for either the 8lb pulley or 9lb pulley..Maybee "A" map for 8lbs and "B" map for 9lbs when I go to the track!!!If anyone displays interest I may do a group buy on this unit with my maps as a plug and play with 440CC injectors...I will need a few weeks for testing as I wont let a product go out until I first prove it...Heres the link read up..The only dealer in the US is here in NJ and has over 45 years of tuning experience under his belt...
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That A/F ratio of 14 looks a little bit lean! 13 or so is moocho better.
How long did you drive before installing the cats--so that the ECU could adapt?
And for some reason I thought you had the test pipes and not the cats.
this is what the Perfect Power did on a stock Z..


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Dang thats awesome!! might have to look into getting it
Hey Guys, I ordered my Kinetix Test Pipes. Cant wait for them to come in. I still have the factory exhaust on also. Will the test pipes change the tone at all even with the factory exhaust on? On a tight budget so wont be ordering my exhaust for a couple weeks. Ordering my CAI this week, so confused on what to get. AEM, Injen, or Nismo. Any suggestions. I'm new to this board so sorry if i posted in the wrong place. Just a **** noobie here. Thanks Guys
did u order the test pipes with resonators or without?

with: exhaust will be louder.. same note

without: exhaust with be louder and sound tingy at about 3500rpm
welcome drift!!

As you can see my sig, i ordered the test pipes with resonators. i heard toykillas and didnt want the raspiness. i also have the Boral TD which just makes it sound a **** of a lot deper. Also i went with the JWT because an intake is gonna bring u minimal gains and i think by keeping the stock plastic tube you will conduct less heat. Another big factor was that the JWT was $100 and i couldnt justify paying atleast 200 for an intake. So really the intake will be a preference issue.
Hey thanks alot! I ordered pretty much a piece of pipe with flanges on each end test pipes. Hmmm about the intake, probley just gonna try out the AEM. Ive run the AEM CAI on almost ever car ive owned and have been happy with there products. Only way to tell is to dyno it now then with the AEM to see if it acually did anything. I wanna run the Injen exhaust, so with the test pipes and Injen exhaust she should be really loud
Cant wait! Thanks Again!!
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