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CarBra / Cargo Area Protector / Nismo S/Shift Knob

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If any one wants to make me an offer for the following please e-mail me:

1 CarBra, black, never used.

1 Rear moulded cargo area protector (with alloy Z logo).

1 Nismo black leather short shifter gear knob.

1 set of front black carpet mats (with Z logo) used.

regards Mark F

[email protected]
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I think it's good idea to post prices of what you want for those items if you want any interest.

I might be interested in the Carbra, how much do you want for it? Is it oem?
CarBra is genuine from CarBra Melbourne. $150.00 ono
Rear Cargo Protector $50.00 ono
Nismo Gear Knob $50.00 ono (still in box)
Front Mats (free with any purchase above, 1st in best dressed)

I am in Sydney, Liverpool area.

regads Mark F
Dude, I'll take the cargo protector, shift knob, and mats depending on their condition.

Any pics, perchance?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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