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This is a simple interior DIY, but really hides those fingernail scratches on the 350Z door pull covers. Purchased from ZCF Covers (ebay vendor); they use a high quality insert and permanent adhesive. Here's the steps I took:

1. Cleaned the surfaces with 3M adhesive remover. Didn't have to disassemble anything, but that's an option.

2. Test fit the pieces to make sure you know the orientation. They're precisely cut and fit into the corners without any leeway, so you get one chance to get these inserted properly before the adhesive sets up.

3. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to warm-up the insert and in particular the adhesive side. Pull the backing and use a little finger pressure to bend the insert into shape.

4. The adhesive sets up quickly and cannot be slid much, so get the placement correct. I used one side to ensure I had the placement correct before allowing the insert to "pop" into place.

5. Use finger pressure from one side to another to ensure the full insert is attached firmly. Since it's cold here in Colorado, I used the heat gun once again to soften the insert slightly as I went over the inserts a second time.

Total time: 40 minutes. It's a bit blingy, but these CF inserts do a good job of covering up some worn parts and brightening the cabin a bit.
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