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Car Stalled now I have a weird Noise!

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I was on the worst uphill of my life that I have ever driven through and unfortunately I had a red light. The car in back of me stopped so so so so so so close to me its not even funny. I klnew the car would roll back at least 1 inch because of the incline..........I usually dont get many of those here in LA. Well when it was time to go my car stalled (yes yes I know Im a moron). However after that I feel a vibrating sound when I have the car in my garage and I listen closely for it. What could it be. Car is running great though.

And for that girl that decided to tailgate me even while at a light ............she needs to get a life. :shiftdrive:
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Let's hope that nothing is wrong at all. I think often things like this are all in your head. You think something might be wrong and suddenly you hear something strange. I think if you listen close enough everybody could find a strange sound or two. Stalling your car once could not possibly have hurt anything, at least not severely. Don't sweat it.
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