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I tell you what how stupid can people be!! i go to the gym around 5:30pm when it is packed as ****, had no other choice but to go then. So im looking for a spot and all i see is this one at the end and im like it should be fine. i go work out and when i am done i come out and notice that this car was parked close to me. I get in and start her up and i am thknig to myslef i bet i have a door ding!! I get out and go over to the other side and guess what? A DAM DOOR SCRATCH!! I was like WTF, so i look at the car next to me and was trying to see if it was from him. i couldnt really tell so i left in a bitchy ass mood!! o well what can i do. sorry guys i was just in a bad mood and needed to vent
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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