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Hi Guys, having a bit of a garage clean up

I'll be fitting a front lip in a couple months and am having a custom carbra made up

So ive just put my carbra Australia car bra on ebay

Ive listed my 05 Tail lights. Ideal for someone wanting to modify the lenses or has some sort of cool mod idea in my mind but doesnt want to practise on their own lights

Ive also got my full stock exhaust system in my garage just taking up room. Im open to any offers. Its in perfect condition, no scratched on the tips, no dents in the mufflers.

And finally my complete Bose Audio. I have the 05 Bose deck with switchable audiopilot, the Bose speakers, Sub and both amps. I even have all the boot pieces in case you're missing carpets or those foam pieces. Any parts you're interested in, make me an offer.
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