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I'll start by stating I'm far from a professional but also not new to mechanical work.
I have my friends 06 Z in front of my house. What started as a simple enough waterpump has turned into my living nightmare. Long story short when I was removing the waterpump the main timing chain jumped. I removed the front timing cover so I could see what was happening. I don't recall the KMS on the car but it's up there so I got a timing set to replace the guides and tensioners. Now I have everything off the front of the engine cam gears etc. But now I can't seem to get the cams in time with the crank, I put the cam gears back on the way the FSM tells me to and when I rotate the crank by hand it only goes about 25 degrees then it gets some resistance. There must be something I'm missing or something stupid I'm just not seeing. Could I be on TDC exhaust stroke and not compression?
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