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Can it be true? APS Plenum ready for sale?

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Just saw this posted on another site about the APS plenum on sale.

I did not know if they are even out on the market yet. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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Well, it says it was just added to their catalog on April 13th. So there's a chance they just came out. Also, it says nothing about whether or not it's in stock. So they may just be taking preorders.
It gets released in May. You can pre-order now though. :) A bunch of people are already pre-selling it.
I saw that date and thought that it was odd that we hadn't really heard anything from APS posted on this site, or by any of their dealers in the U.S.

I understand that they can always start taking preorders, but sometimes I'm leary unless I know the retailer has been around and specializes in the Z.

Thanks for clearing it up. I think I'll change the title of the thread.
i wish peter would start posting here again.. i dont know what happened to him.. i PMed him a few weeks ago and never heard back.
He went on a trip to Europe as of a few days ago.
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