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Hello guys,
I’m Marco from Italy
I am writing this message to tell you what happened to me buying parts in an American store.
I bought from Neotuned INC (Neotuned, Inc), ebay user "drifteffect", a set of Goodspeed adjustable camber arms for my Nissan 350Z.
After 50km of road use, the uniball joints was broken and i had to remove them because they were dangerous.
I contacted Neotuned to explain the problem, they told me to send it back for a refund. I explained that they were assembled and then disassembled after two days of use
Once received, they refused to refund saying that the material was used. No longer respond to emails and They did not give me back the material
So this is what I spent:
$ 380 arms in September
$ 60 shipping from USA to ITALY
$ 100 approx. custom fee
$ 60 approx. for mechanical mounting
$ 50 tyre repairer for tyre alignement
$ 60 approx. for mechanical removal
$ 50 tyre repairer for tyre alignement (original arms set)
$ 70 approx for shipping from ITALY to USA
Total: $ 850

Now I am with no product and no money.
I feel cheated.
What do you think?

PS: Sorry for my bad english
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