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I just got my alignment specs back from the shop. It has my camber and toe on it and goes as follows:

Front Camber:
Left: -.6 Right: -1.2

Rear Camber:
Left: -1.8 Right: -2.6

Front Toe:
Left: .15" Right: 0"

Rear Toe:
Left: .05" Right: .10"

I plan on lowering with the Eibach Pro Kit when my car gets back from the shop. My questions are:

1. Is there anything they could or need to do to fix the camber while it is still in there.

2. Will I need a camber correction kit if they cannot do anything to correct it any further.

3. Where can I find a correct camber kit for front and/or rear.

Thanks for the help guys. Hope someone knows what they are talking about and can give me a hand.

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Are those the ending specs? I'd say you need to get the camber right. I'm not used to seeing specs in inches but what are the specs on the settings usually they'll be a range and as long as they are in that range it should be good. If i remember correctly as long as you don't drop it too far there should be enough adjustment to correct it.
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