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Calling all Nissans & Infinitis!

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There is a local sport compact club with several Nissan owners in the Twin Cities area who have expressed interest in a meet. If you have a Nissan or Infiniti, then this meet would be a great way to talk shop and show off our toys to people who understand the car.

This applies to owners of Z's of all generations, G's, 240's, Maximas, and any other Nissan product.

We are planning on a weekly Wednesday evening meet. The location is the parking lot in front of Burlington Coat Factory in Apple Valley. It's on Cedar Ave, just south of Co Rd 42 (150th St), next to Arby's & Sbarro's. That lot is virtually empty every day. The Arby's lot is separated from the Burlington lot by grass and curbs, so the spot is free of any traffic.

If you're interested, check out your Nissan sites (maxima, 240, Z, etc). I know they are also posting it on for the local MN/Twin Cities people.

The first meet will be next Wednesday, June 8th, at 630PM or 7PM.
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count me in.
I am in pending the following:

Work schedule
Wife shedule
APS install completion
APS install not blowing up my car :shiftdrive:
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