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Bye Bye Z

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My wife and I made a very tough decision last night. We traded in the 03 DB Touring.
I actually held up pretty well; not as much for my wife. Poor girl broke down in the sales manager's office.
We took one last run yesterday afternoon before saying goodbye. A couple long winding Ozark Mountain roads just south of Fayetteville, AR. I said my goodbyes first, then my wife. We didn't speak much during the drive, we didn't have to.
Fueling the decision was mostly the upcoming change of lifestyle, and financial priorities. The new payment is half with the Altima, and the insurance is remarkably less.
Kids will be on the way very soon, so we need to stick away some money for the maternity leave.
We decided to sell the Z before the kids came. I didn't want my wife to feel responsible for the decision to sell it, as it would have pained her greatly.
We both feel very fortunate to have owned and loved a car like the 350Z. Only a select few are fortunate enough to have that experience.

At the end of the day, we are very sad, but we know we made the right decision for planning for the future. We now get to look forward to what the future may hold in 20 years when we're ready for a mid-life crisis.

In the mean time, I hope you all don't mind if I continue to lurk and post from time to time, not as a Z owner, but as an enthusiast.


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We're going to hunt you down if you don't stick around here! :)

You're post made me sad :cry: I had to look out the window to make sure mine was still there. Your decision was a responsible and respectable one though. It will be the same way with my fiance/wife when we have to get rid of mine for kids (praying for a company car by then). You're right though, we're very fortunate to have what we do. Congrats on the Altima and hopefully the mid-life crisis will be here before you know it! :)

:wavey: See ya around man!
wow sorry to hear this.. at least she was equally sad about it too.. stuff like this could ruin a marriage!
2.5 or 3.5 altima?....

Buy some Z wheels.

Times change, & as they say: "Better to have loved & lost...'


good that it was a joint decision.
:wavey: Cool wife. Best of luck with the family; that's priceless. You can always get the car of your dreams later.
Two days ago you said you were keeping the Z. What made you change your minds?
I actually have tears in my eyes. I could not imagine voluntarily giving up my Z. They almost took it from me but luckily it was repaired and I have found very few flaws and most can't believe it's the same car. I have owned 6 Nissans during my life and never regreted one of them. Altima's are sweet. Congradulations on the new addition for the new addition. Remember there is always that mid life crisis time (when I got my Z) for another sports car. Keep posting and post some picsof the new ride.

2.5 SL We drove both, and the 3.5 felt really heavy. The extra $$ for the 3.5 didn't seem worth it. Interior is beautiful!

A few things. One, opening the monthly bill. The other reason was our long-term goals. We have retirement planning well under way, but we're weak in other areas, ie. saving for kid(s). That will be a reality within the next 52 weeks (pregnancy or planning for adoption).

My wife is quite possibly the coolest person I know. It was actually her idea to get the Z in the first place. I pointed it out to her at the dealership, we took the test drive, and her exact words were, "We need to do everything possible to get that car".
Sorry to hear the news but glad you made the decision together. A good wife is worth WAY more than a great car. You made the right decision. You can always get another car later.
I hope not within earshot of any Nissan employees. Haha

Anyway, best of luck to you and the wife

Wow I almost shed a tear for you and your wife as well.....but.....there will be another day for another Z for you guys. Good luck w/ the family plans and PLEASE stick around! :wavey:
Wow, great post. I actually went out and kissed my Z...

Great post and you will enjoy the Altima. I sold one to my brother last december. The SL has everything anyone could need.

Good luck making some kids - just tell them that they have to become rich/famous and that they owe you a Z!

Aaron, please stick around!! Your story made my eyes moist and I went out to the garage and smiled at my Z. Good luck, and tell the wife she'll have another one as soon as the kids get in high school (have them close together so you can have them going to college one yr apart) LOL
****...Flesh...I'm in a similar boat as you. I'm selling off all of my Z's toys right now and then once she's back to stock...I'll be taking that long ride to either Carmax or the dealer to trade her in for a Murano most probably. Same reasons as you...need to save more money now for future plans(house and family)...It sucks...I'm torn...But I will always love my Z
Nice post, Aaron. Best of luck with the family and hope to see you around...
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