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Well, when you hold a forum auction the worst thing is to not be able to offer the users a way to buy the item now without you around to give them your paypal information. Having them wait for you to send them the payment link. Even after giving them the payment information you then wait for the user to pay the BIN price for it. Waiting and more waiting is the old meathod. With BinHelp you post a link with the payment price of the item. Someone then follows the link and pays the BIN price. You get the buy it now sale without having to wait to send them the payment info and wait to get the payment. Quick, Easy, and Simple.

A person browsing the forums for an item is more likely to do a impulse buy. If they had time to think about it, waiting for the payment information they might just have time to back out of the sale. This way you can get them in the spirit of the sale.
In addition to allow BIN payments. After one person has paid the buy it now price. BinHelp's will not let anyone else pay the BIN price. Which is just one more thing that makes BinHelp great!

So go ahead and create your link today! Create a Link

How does it work?
1 : You create a buy it now link.
2 : Place the buy it now link on a website or forum.
3 : A user wants to buy your item now and click on the link.
4 : The user pays though paypal.
5 : You are notified by paypal that they have paid.
6 : Finish up by sending the person the item(s) they paid for!
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