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Got that ugly front plate bracket attached to the nose of your Z and want to take it off but don't want those ugly holes????? is just the site you have been looking for!!! They make little plastic plugs to put in the holes, no bondo necessary, and they are now making them in Z colors.....check it out the color match chart

Nissan (Z) Chrome Silver Titanium Silver Met
Nissan (Z) Daytona Blue WR Blue Pearl
Nissan (Z) Super Black Black
Nissan (Z) Redline Chili Red
Nissan (Z) Silverstone Metallic Sparkling Silver Metallic

OMG I have been linking people to this site for a while now, it is originally for porsche owners, but looking at the site this morning, the colors page, they have expanded the cars that they match. If you own a different Nissan model they match many other Nissan colors too.
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