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BROOKLYN body shops

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if anyone can recommend an autobody shop in brooklyn it would be greatly appreciated

f'ed up my car ..might be more than just body work

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NOOOOO!!!!!! Not that beauty?!
purely my fault....

i cant even look at it.....cold floor+traction off+curb=bad news

im such an idiot

it looks really bad because my bumper cracked off cause its fiberglass

but what really wanted to make me barf was my mangled wheel and the thought that its more than just body work
Don't get too down on yourself. Accidents happen. Sorry to hear of the news.
thanks for the support guys/girls

i have a couple of questions though

do insurance companies require a police report if i want insurance to pay for teh damage ..keep in mind i wasnt involved with any other cars

also....will insurance company give me problems about fixing stuff cause its aftermarket??

the truth is,,the aftermarket stuff costs just as much as the stock stuff so if they give me money for stock stuff ill be fine..but will they hassle me?

i know that toykilla might have had a problem when his brickyard was smashed....

any help is appreciated guys
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Well, when I switched insurance policies there was a section on there for aftermarket parts, I added my exhaust, intake, etc etc etc and rims...the only thing that they added to my policy were my rims--I don't think they will hassle you for the aftermarket parts, if you pay the deductable they should fix it back to the same condition. I freaked when someone wrecked into me big time, I sent the body shop a list of all my mods (hehe down to the brake pads) and said that I do not want the OEM parts back on there if that is what they had to do, he said they would put the same parts back on that were on there when I had the wreck ie/if he was going to replace the tires he would have to replace them w/ the toyos and not the potenzas.... I don't know if they require a police report or not. I would def. have them come out and look at it (the ins. co.) and see what they say after assessing the damage....

Good luck man, I feel your pain......
In general, an insurance company is insuring a factory car. Anything you do to the car aftermarket won't be covered unless you have it added to the policy. gonna have it looked at on monday

i was recommended some place just waiting to see what i actually did to the car

just hoping for the best and expecting the worst
Originally posted by DiRN@Nov 12 2004, 02:58 PM
In general, an insurance company is insuring a factory car.  Anything you do to the car aftermarket won't be covered unless you have it added to the policy.

Well I don't know for sure DiRN but my guy said he gave the estimate on the pieces/parts that were on the Z when it came in to him. Mabye since it was on the other guys insurance they didn't really care????
It could be because the other guy's insurance company had to pay for it. His company isn't insuring anything about your car, it's insuring his liability. In this case, since no one else was at fault, the insurance company may not cover the aftermarket parts. :dunno:
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