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Bridgestone tires on back order/Tire Feathering

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I took my 04 in for excessive tire noise/roar and the feathering issue with 11,400 miles on it. They stated it was an alignment problem and they are going to fix it once they get the tires in.
They claim the OEM Bridgestones are on national back order. They found a set locally, but when they came in, they were the ones with the new tread design. They wouldnt use them, because Mother Nissan will not pay for the alignment and tires unless they put the OEM Bridgestones back on. I told them that they would probably have a hard time finding the OEM tires, because of the tread design change. They thought I didnt know what I was talking about. In the mean time, they swapped the tires side to side, putting the bad edge on the outside which did help the noise, but a temp fix. They claim they should have the tires sometime in the mid Dec.
Is there any truth to the national back order on the OEM tires?
Once they get the OEM tires, and do the 4 wheel alignment, will this fix the problem or is it a re-occuring thing?
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As far as the backorder goes, most people who have brought their car in for this issue over the past few months have reported this.
First off Rich, they are on crack b/c all the bridgestones have the new tread---I have seen many many people get the new treaded tires as replacements for the feathering. Seems they either are idiots or are trying there another dealership that you can go to? Courtesy Nissan? They are in Richardson (Dallas area).
Yeah you can at least try going to another dealer
That's the kind of news I don't like hearing. I'm having the 'problem' again and this time I want new tires.
When I went for my feathering svc, they told me the tires were 'back ordered'....and then, by some 'miracle', tires arrived the very next day.

See if Tire Rack's got 'em. dealers are full of ish.
Took them about 2 weeks to get mine. Took mine in about 4 weeks ago, got the tires 2 weeks ago.
I think they have a monthly 'quota'...& the 'backorder' excuse is how they sandbag to make their #'s.
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