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I have a 06 Base I bought brand new in late April. I now have a little over 7100 miles on it. Just wondering if you guys' brake pedal travel goes lower than usual after driving, let's say 60-80 miles on the freeway or any canyon road where you haven't needed to touch the brakes. When I touch the brakes to slow down, I'm noticing the brake is low what feels like almost half way. I sometimes pump the brakes twice just to be on the safe side. However, after the car sits for a while or driving normal in the city, the pedal goes normal.

This has actually been going on since I bought the car but I was hoping it would sort itself out....apparently has not.

I've taken it to the dealer to have them look at it but they couldn't find anything wrong. They said they couldn't duplicate the problem, but, the knuckle-heads only drove it around the block. I tried to get them to bleed the brakes but they wouldn't because they said since they can't find anything wrong, they can't justify the labor.

Any suggestions or ideas?


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