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Took this off which is where I got my Hawks HPS pads...

Hawk pads are offered in 3 main compounds.

HPS (High Performance Street) provides 20-40% more brake torque than OEM pads, and are very low dusting, quiet and gentle on rotors. Great for autocrossing and can be used for light duty (beginner) road racing.

HP Plus is Hawk's street/track compound, suitable for autocrossing and beginner-intermediate level road racing (can be cycled over 1000F) and can be used on the street, though noisy (squeels at low temperatures slow stops) and dusty for street use.

Blue is Hawk's race compound, operates from 250-1000F, medium-high braking torque and very fade resistant, ideal for serious road racing and rally. Very abrasive and poor stopping power when cold, unsuitable for street use, should only be swapped in at the track.

HT-10 is another of Hawk's race compound, operates from 300-1600F, intermediate to high braking torque, not suitable for street use.

Here is the pricing off their website....depends upon what you get and for what application


1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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