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brake noise

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Does anyone or did anyone have a problem with noise from the brakes
when coming to a stop or backing up?
I had my car to the dealer at least 4 times they changed everything on
the car and still I have a noise problem.

Any information will help
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Front or Rear. I know of the problem on the fronts. My rear brakes make noise during a slow stop, but the dealer has yet to fix or "hear" it.
dude it is not the brakes,, its the wheels,, they are out of alignment,, take a look,, you will either see flat spots, or irregular wear,, if you have a 03 they have to replace them free of cost up to 21000 miles after that it will be prorated. here is the kicker,, after i had mine replaced at 18000 once again irregular wear at 33000 miles, obviously there is something seriously wrong with the front end of the z, but they wont admit it. i am currently searching to see if there is a class action lawsuit out there somewhere... good luck and dont let the dealer push you around p.s. i just talked to a friend of mine and the 04's alignment is off on his as well at 10000 miles...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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