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Bouncing the rev limiter

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Hey guys. I was wondering what kind of damage is done to the car when the rev limiter is bounced. I have hit it only a couple times during shifting and numerous times pulling donuts ( :thumbsup: ). But I was wondering if it is detrimental to the engine in any way. Thanks.
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Since it's a built in safety factor it won't do much, but it's not the best thing for the car...but certainly not the worst.
Just dont do it all the time and you will be ok.
The throttle shuts off at 6900 to prevent you from doing too much damage
I hit it once during acceleration, it was like someone hit the brakes! Very aggressive limiter. Its probably fine for the car, though I wouldnt sit there all day revvin it up. Its not so bad if the car is moving, at least the engine is getting some air to cool it.
With my 5at on manual mode I can bounce off the limiter coming out of 1st every time if I I'm not careful.
Originally posted by BlueDragonZ@Jan 3 2005, 11:05 AM
With my 5at on manual mode I can bounce off the limiter coming out of 1st every time if I I'm not careful.

Thats cause manu-matics take like 10 mins to shift lol :shiftdrive:
I hit the rev limiter almost everyday...even a few times a day. I normally let it bounce once...if you let it bounce more than once in a (drag race sitiuation) it is like putting your brakes on.
Phew...glad I'm not the only one. Comes to quick in 1st and 2nd.
I would think the donuts are probably worse for the car hehe.

Gotta watch the figure you know...
i bounce it everytime
The factor fuel cut does no damage to the engine at all. It sounds terrible, but it is completely harmless. People tend to think it makes your car run lean at redline...but is not a lean is a zero burn. The injector is shut off on every other when this happens, there is no fuel in the combusion chamber at all. burn...not lean burn.

So bounce it till your hearts content! :)
There is a shock to the drive train though if you are continually bouncing on the limiter because the power is going on full on and full off repeatedly.

Will this hurt anything, who knows.

Bouncing off the rev limter upon accel is pretty much fine.
However; boucing off it upon an over agressive downshift or mis shift can be very bad. If the driveline forces your RPM way past reline in these scenarios , ther is nothing the fuel shut off/ limiter can do to protect you. So don't shift from 6th into 3rd at 120mph :)
Luckily it's there to prevent the damage caused by over-revving. So while the sound might scare you, it's just a rude awakening to remind you where you'd be without it. :biggrin:
I know this is a silly question but what is the rev limiter set at from the factory. My 2005 is new and I don't want to just matt the pedal to find it. Great site. Thanks.
I bounced the rev limiter about 5000 times in 1st gear when doing burnouts. No harm can possibly occur unless you are running lots of FI.

Other than that I try not to hit it, mainly because the car bogs down.
unless you are going to sit there for 30 minutes or so hittin off the rev limiter then its not going to harm it... motor is built to rev high and companies like technosquare are even changing the redline to like 7200. so ask it is set stock it is in safe parameters.
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