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Bosses new car

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Well, the owner of DSS finally bought himself an Evo!!! A new white RS. Anyways, we decided to go out on a backroad by us (named by motortrends editor cheif as the "best road he's ever driven" 2 years ago) called Old Creek-- 15 minutes of fun! Anyways, I tried to get away and he was just laughing and said "i was on it 1/4 throttle the whole time". Yeah, i guess that's what 3000 track miles experience and being a record holder at multiple tracks does for ya, even if it's the first time driving the car!!! I'll shut up-- here's a few pix (yeah, i know they're into the sun).

ps... All DSS cars :D Orange Z is JReiter from the forums-- owner of the best stereo system in a Z !!!

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cool pictures , thanks for sharing...
side by side with the evo , the Z is soooo much sexier..
Who owns that POS white Z :D ?

Nice pics Sosa !
Nice pics, Sosa. Thanks!
Nice pics! Too bad he didn't old out a couple of months for the MR though.
The 6 speed in japan isn't as fast as the 5 speed, so he just went with the RS, plus he wanted the completely stripped model w/o any bling bling-- he's about as hardcore a racer as they come.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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