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Bose overhaul... what do you think?

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Hey guys, I'm planning on overhauling the Bose system and going with these:

Kenwood DDX7015 (HU)
Kenwood KNA-DV4100 (Nav)
Focal 165A Component 6.5" (Fronts)
Focal 165CA Coaxial 6.5" (Rears)
JL Audio 10W0-4 (Sub)
Rockford Fosgate P4004 (Amp for speakers)
Rockford Fosgate P2002 (Amp for sub)
Audiovox 5.8" LCD (Second monitor for the DDX7015)

The subwoofer will be in a custom enclosed fiberglass box where the stock sub was (I have a roadster). The LCD screen will be used for when I want the Nav to be always displayed while viewing a DVD Video on the other screen. Any opinions? I almost went with MB Quart speakers but heard Focals are better. Also the Rockford Fosgate amps were highly recommended -- they are supposively a **** of a lot better than RF's old crap. I'm going for quality over quantity in this setup.
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Are you doing this yourself? Sounds like a nice setup. Of course, anything is better than the stock Blose. I was driving this morning trying to listen to my cd's...:headshake: I'm seriously going to have to get a replacement HU.
change your amp to JL Audio for better performance.
Rockford makes good amps. I never had a problem out of my old amps, and I had three. Rockford is actually probably better than JL with power output. Nice selection on the HU. It's definitely going to be my selection when I get the $$$.
You should check out the xtant 1.1 for your components. Or you can go with JL/MTX/Phoenix Gold. I'd also recommend and upgrade on the sub to a w3v2 or even a w6v2.
Very nice. You'll be more than happy with the DDX7015 - Don't see the need for a second screen though. How often are you going to have a movie playing with Navigation on?? And if you're planning on installing a PS2/Xbox - once again, how often will you be undertaking these activities simultaneously
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