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borla vs. invidia g200 vs. nismo

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Before you say OHH not again this topic! I just need some help to make my next step. Can anyone tell me which is better. Invidia G200, Borla or Nismo exhaust?
I did a lot of search to compare between these 3 exhausts. But, the only one that i could'nt get too much info's about is the G200!
Do you know how much whp it adds? is it raspy? what is the weight?
Does any body have clips for the G200?
I like the titanum tips the G200 comes with.
I'd appreciate your help.

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hmm im not too sure about the invidia setup. I like the borla sound and true dual, but dont like the 10 millinon parts it comes in.. I would rather have something with only a few parts that sounds nice.. Nismo I cant comment on either because I have only heard it once.
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