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For you unbelievers... I FINALLY FINISHED.

Yes, it looks as good as it sounds, but I need a better battery.

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good job.. i know a lot of hard work went into that

Thanks man.. now to go listen to some lows...

Thats exactly what I said when I saw the paint done!! I will get day pics tomorrow. IMO it looks friggin awesome... the paint is probably shinier than the car. The paint shop used the same three step process. He said it was a pain.
By the way, if you want to see how good the paint REALLY looks, check the last picture:

BTW its HUGE so 56k beware.
Great job man. That thing looks beautiful

Thanks man!

Daytime pics are up:

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Wow man, I'm proud :clap:

Truly a clean custom job. Definitely props to you for your time and effort. Looks beautiful! :thumbsup:
Great question! Right now, its unfinished, I am building a cover for it (that also suits to hold the box in place). It will be slightly larger than the hole, and covered in black vinyl. It will be easily removable (you can slide it up and down, so the box can be removed in a minute.
Very nice
Yeah, how much? I'll take one in Redline please!! Looks incredible!!

That looks awsome. What kind of sub is that?
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