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Bikini Car wash/Z and G35 meet

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It's that time of the Year again (Bikini Car wash/Z and G35 meet)

Once again I will be your host on Saturday, July 10th from Noon to 7PM, At The Lodge (the #1 Gentleman's Club in the Nation) 10530 Spangler Rd. at Northwest Hwy (next to Sam's) Dallas, Texas.

We will be having our annual Bikini Car wash Benefiting Operation Kindness (a no kill animal Shelter). Come get your car Washed by our Lovely Entertainers and Help out a good Cause.

Please post this Info on every other Board/Forum you can think of. I am looking for a big turn out this Year. Everybody is welcome, But 21 and up only Inside the Club. If you have any Questions Feel free to PM me or email me

Hope to see everybody there!!!!!!


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If only they had one of these here....
would prefer a nekkid carwash. lol
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kool , chazz i'll be there as my school is literally 100 feet away from this place!!
This idea is ingenious! Definitely need to have one of those here... hehe
Great Idea Guys, bet you make a ton of cash, on the other hand my hubby doesn't even get to wash the Z, those gals wouldn't get w/in 50 feet of my baby with those dirty sponges.....Hope yall have fun and make tons of $ for the animal shelter. If I was in TX I'd come out and support the cause...
might just be worth a road trip
Originally posted by Steve350Z@May 27 2004, 01:34 PM
might just be worth a road trip

I wish that could be the case for me. Oh well, I'll just have to wait and see the pictures.
**** you chazz...

**** you and your bikini car wash that just happens to be too far away for me to attend. **** you and all your stripper friends too that are too far away for me to visit.

Oh by the way, could you let me know exactly what you've been doing since high school. Details please. I would like to start working towards having your life asap.
Hey Guys, I have been told with your donation of only $20, you will receive a hand car wash buy our lovely ladies and a free steak Dinner, or Bikini Barbecue. Also on hand will be 3 Pet Psychics for free, Private readings. So bring your Pet and join in the fun.


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Wish there was one near me. They only have bike washes near me. Make sure you have your digital camera.
i will have to borrow a digital camera from someone or take my sorry ass and buy one
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<span style="color:darkblue">You're not going to get a camera. You've been talking about buying one for who long now and you haven't?? Haha
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LOL.. we NEED a camera for this event..

chazz, is it ok that we take pics? maybe you can setup some shoots with the ladies and we can have a gallery posted for all to enjoy?
I have talked to most of the Girls, and not only will it be ok to take pics
, some of them will even be willing to pose With you Car. We will also have our "Club" Photographer on hand to take more of the Pro style Pics. Also Keep in Mind you do not have to let the ladies Wash you car to show up But I hope every will make a donation for a good cause.
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Originally posted by DiRN@Jul 1 2004, 08:26 AM
<span style="color:darkblue">You're not going to get a camera.  You've been talking about buying one for who long now and you haven't??  Haha

i just cant make up my mind if i want a smaller one or bigger one!
D'oh!! That's a great idea for a fundraising cause. Maybe I should look into that here for the local car clubs. Chazz, any suggestions?
I'm with Jinxx.....

Don't touch my car. I'll do it. It's just too new! It came back 'washed' from dealer service...water spots. I nearly imploded....

What? No chamois?....deala pleez!

Have fun at the wash....& post pix. How's about a 'carwash calendar' for the garage...?....
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