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Sorry I havnt been involved in much discussion lately.. been working on the new site layout.. I must say that it is going to be by far the best looking, easiest to navigate z-website out there.

We have some more features to add and work on some more details, but i think you will all be happy with the changes.

Some of the new features will be:

-latest breaking news
-a tutorials section where u can post your own do-it-yourself projects and find plenty of others to help you in the garage
-a better organized product review section (i am working on colllecting better information.. this gets overwhelming especially when i am working 60hours a week at my job :( )
-submit reviews on products
-new dynamic html menu featuring links to everything in the website
-new download manage to keep track of files you need for your z!
- a better integrated gallery
-automatic PM checker every 15 sec. (if you are reading a post it checks and opens a Pm box if u recieve one)
-much more things will be developing...stay tuned..

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Can you add some Java to tell me to give some attention to the women every half hour or so and to visit the restroom every 2 hours?
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