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Big Brakes Kits for 350Z/G35

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For sale big brake kit(s) for 350Z and G35 fits all model



Price for 350z-tech members 1550$ Shipped
Group buy are wellcome, 5 kits 5%discount 10 kits 10%discount
Guaranteed product.
Avaible also for the rear and in other sizes

A complete brake kit content:
2-piece 355mm x 32mm slotted rotor x 2pcs.
Lightweight aluminum centre hat x 2pcs.
6-piston caliper (painted red, yellow or anodized gold, black or any other painted colors.) x 2pcs.
Caliper mounting bracket x 2pcs.
Stainless steel brake line x 2pcs.
High performance sport brake pads x 4 pcs/ 1set (race pads are optional).
Tool kit x 1. Features:
Rotor thickness 32mm.
Rotor with larger vents to have ability to dissipate heat.
Lightweight aluminum centre hat with hard anodizing electrolyte treatment for durability.
Squeeze forged 6-piston caliper (painted red, yellow or anodized gold, black or any other painted colors).
Caliper mounting bracket with high tensile steel studs.
DOT stainless steel braided Teflon brake line.
High performance sport brake pads (race pads are optional).
ROTOR XYZ slotted rotor is the best choice for those high performance applications, this rotor type helps to clear debris on the rotor, in addition, it can increase the bite characteristics of the brake pads. Cast iron rotor has 32mm thickness and arc vents for better cooling. The 355mm rotor requires a minimum 18" wheel.
CENTRE HAT Centre hat is made from lightweight high grade aluminum which has ability to dissipate the heat. The hard anodizing electrolyte treatment is adopted for durability. 90% applications come with inner drum brake which can retain the OE parking function. The inner drum brake is made from aluminum available for parking so it is not for movement of vehicle like drifting.
CALIPER High performance 6-piston aluminum caliper is squeeze forged.
Caliper Color Options:
Painted red, yellow or anodized gold
BRAKE PADS XYZ has tested a range of the most popular pad material on dynometer and track, we found XYZ brake pads are high performance pads. AP CP3215D50, Ferodo FRP216 and EBC DP3002C are suitable for XYZ front 6-piston brake system kit.
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 Available Materials
  • AP ZC
  • Ferodo 3432F
  • Ferodo 4003F
  • Ferodo DS2500
  • Ferodo DS3000
  • Ferodo DS3000+03
  • Ferodo DS3000E
  • Pagid RS14B
  • Pagid RS42
  • Pagid RS421
  • Pagid RS44
  • Mintex F1R
  • Mintex F4R

these auction is for a 350Z big brake kit with 355x32mm 2 pieces race discs, 2 6pot big calipers, sport pads, stainless steel braided brake lines, mounting brakets, instruction manual.

-------only 1 kit, the last remained------
size is 355x32 6pot huge calipers
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is this your personal ebay sale?
QUOTE (Steve350Z @ Feb 26 2009, 01:52 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=569476
is this your personal ebay sale?
Yes is on my ebay too.
335/32 6 pot is cheaper and much more powerful than the OEM Brembo (325x24 4 pot), and can be fitted from 17-18'' rims . 1380$
380/385x32 8 pot is more expensive, can go on 19-20 rims
355 is the best choice, and all kits are complete and with 12 months warranty.
Last se as described, 1460 including shipping. Need to sell, feel fre to ask for ani doubt and info.
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