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I've been searching for a while and keep coming up short on BBK sizes and weights. Here's what I have found so far. I'll update as I continue to come across data. Happy for corrections/info to be posted in here too.

OEM Brembo

Front caliper: 4-pot
Rear caliper: 2-pot
Front rotor:
Rear rotor:


Stock Akebono (Sport Brakes 370z):
Front caliper: 4-pot
Rear caliper: 2-pot
Front rotor: 355mm
Rear rotor: 332mm

Front caliper: 11lbs
Rear caliper: 6lbs
Front rotor: 29lbs (1-piece)
Front DBA rotor: 22lbs (2-piece)
Front Rentless Autosport rotor: 19lbs (2-piece)
Rear rotor: TBC

AP Racing:

Front caliper: 6-pot/4-pot
Rear caliper: 4-pot/2-pot
Front rotor: 363mm/332mm
Rear rotor: 332mm

Front Caliper (6-pot): 7.3 lbs
Rear caliper (4-pot): 4.7 lbs
Front Rotor: 20.3 lbs
Rear Rotor: 22.8 lbs

Front Caliper: 6-pot (ST-60)/4-pot (ST-40 or ST-45 with 380mm rotors)
Rear Caliper: 4-pot (ST40)/2-pot (ST-22)
Parking Brake: 1-pot (ST-10)
Front rotor: 380mm/355mm/332mm
Rear rotor: 355mm/332mm

Front Caliper (6-pot): 8.5lbs
Rear Caliper (4-pot): 7.94lbs
Front 380mm: 21lbs
Rear 355mm: 19lbs

Front Caliper (4-pot): 7.94lbs
Rear Caliper (2-pot): 4.4lbs
Front 355mm: 18lbs
Rear 332mm: 15lbs

Parking Brake: 4.13lbs

Front caliper: 8-pot/6-pot
Rear caliper: 6-pot/4-pot
Front rotor: 380mm/355mm
Rear rotor: 355mm/322mm

Front Caliper (8-pot): 6.50lbs
Rear Caliper (6-pot): 5.95lbs
Front 380mm: 21.00lbs
Rear 355mm: 21.75lbs

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more info to update till I work how to edit again...

Akebono rear rotor weight: 21lbs
Stoptech 355mm front rotor: 19lbs (2-piece)
Stoptech 380mm front rotor: 21lbs (2-piece)
(need to confirm these fit and what weight of stoptech 1-piece rotors are)

Stock Brembo front caliper weight: 9lbs
Stock Brembo rear caliper weight: 5lbs
Stock Brembo front rotor weight: 13.8lbs
Stock Brembo rear rotor weight: 13.4lbs

Compatible pads Alliance:
6 piston calipers are:
Ferodo FRP216
Endless EP915
Pagid Racing 1361
Hawk HB 110
AP Racing CP3215D50

8 piston calipers are:
Ferodo FRP3077
Endless EP954
AP Racing CP5070D51
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