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BFG Challenge Series

Event Link:

Sept 18-19
In conjunction with NOPI Nationals
Atlanta Motor Speedway
1500 Highway 19 & 41
Hampton, GA 30228

More Info:

Ride & Drive (Autocross):
Saturday, Sept 18 - 9am-dusk
Sunday, Sept 19 - 9am-dusk

Ride & Drive (Autocross) Cars:
Nissan NISMO 350Z
Subaru WRX STi
Acura RSX-S

Drifting by Signal:
Saturday, Sept 18 - 10:30am, 5:30pm, 7pm
Sunday, Sept 19 - 10:30am, 1pm, 4:30pm

Activities will include:
-Drifting demonstrations
-Compare BFG tires to competitor tires on an autocross course
-Document your drive through our online photo and video gallery
-Show Cars

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If you do in fact work for BFG then you need to pay close attention to the BOGUS events you sponsor..EVERY single time Raceway Park in Englishtown has a BF goodrich Street wars like the one this past weekend, they allow cheating..There were like 20 "sandbaggers" in the brackets..When I say sandbaggers I mead fully caged sub 11 second reace cars competing in the 13.00-13.99 class.I complained to tower officials but they dont care, they say its bracket racing and if the guy wants to run against slower cars and "throw out the anchor" then let him..I vote for a BOYCOTT of BFG events!!
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