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AutoX events in College Station

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There will be four AutoX events in College Station, TX in the next four months. For those of you that don't know CS is about 1 Hr 15 Min North-Northwest of Houston. These are held by the Texas A&M Sports Car Club, TAMSCC, at basically an old part of the airport. Everyone is welcome to come! The first one is coming up on Jan. 30 and they will be having a "training/practice/class" day on Jan. 29. If you've never gone AutoXing before I recommend the class on the 29th. The class is FREE and I believe you have to pay for the actual event. If anyone would like to come I'm posting a link to the calendar of events and you can navigate through the site for a map to the events. If you have any questions PM me and I can give you my # or explain in more detail. I might also have a couch or two if you need a place to crash, I'll have to talk to my bro tho.

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Well had a great time at the AutoX and saw a couple of bad A$$ cars. The Lotus was by far the most impressive...that things sticks like glue to the concrete! The same guy owns the GT3 also but it seems that it was a bit harder to control with all the power it has. I'm just learning to drive the courses but a buddy of mine drove with me in my car and he put the same time as the GT3. So I think it all comes down to driving.



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A pic of me in the Z. The pics are with my phone so they aren't that great.


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You're phone must be badass.

Glad you had fun man. Any more pics? Was this your first time?

I'll be a first timer on the 20th of February and I was just wondering how much fun you had :) I'm really looking forward to it.
Oh yeh, and were you on the Potenzas? Did they suck as badly as I think they are going to?
Thanks for the pics! Wish there were more. I love autoxing.
Thanks for sharing the pics z_man...the Lotus looks very small.
To tell you the truth its all about your driving skills. This was my first time and the day before the competition there was a "learning" day where you could go out and run a course as many times as you wanted. I have the Potenzas on the front and Federals on the's what was on it when I bought it?....there was an 180º turn that I had problems with but it was mostly due to my poor driving skills at the time....I would brake late and get into the gas too early and therefore I would do nothing but go straight. By the time I ended the "learning" day I had improved my time by 5-6- seconds. I wish I had some more pics but all I had was my phone and I drove all that I could. There will be one on the 20th of Feb at the same place so I will try to take some pics then...hopefully the weather will be nicer then and the turn out will be better.
The Lotus was tiny man. You had to practically crawl into it. But **** he would hit about 3k RPMs and drop the clutch and just stick, whereas I would spin a was insane how well it handled.
What about cones? Any damage?

I'm just wondering how bad it will be if I make a slight mistake.
Well I put my bra on my car to protect the front. I did get a slight mark on my drivers door when I spun out and side swiped some cones. I haven't had time to wash it yet but I'm positive it will buff out.
Here's a few pics from the latest AutoX

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