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With heavy hearts and deep regret we bid our fair Nissan 350Z adieu: heavy hearts that our time together has come so quickly to a close, and regret that we did not-could not-effectively maximize our time with its Daytona Blue aspect.

And yet we should not be sad, as adventures await our dear 350Z. It leaves our nest to search for new companions and a new home.

Our journey together took us 23,326 miles down this road we call life. We basked in the glory of the summer sun and drudged our way through a discontented winter, never once sorry for the 350Z's company. And it pleased everyone who turned an eye its way, it seems. Everywhere, jaws dropped and people flocked, and many, many rides-to friends, family and strangers alike-were proffered in return.

Full article Here: [url=""][b][color=blue]Autoweek Long Term Test[/color][/b][/url]
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