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Australian members!

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what do u think about your own classified section in here? just a thought :biggrin:
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That would be nice.

While, in most cases, its still financially viable to purchase items from the US, its a lot easier shipping-wise to purchase stuff from fellow Australian members.
I will second that mate!!! It will definitely help!!!

as now... I have a Unichip for sale.... because I have a MoTeC attached to my car already, so unichip will be no use for me anymore! If anyone is interested in the unichip, give me a PM and we can talk about the price.... will be definitely cheaper than buying brand new!!! You just need to get it retuned at any APS dealer, I think re-tune will cost around 150 dollars if I am not wrong if you are still using it on the 350Z!


I don't really know whether it will make much difference?
We are fairly small down here, & everyone reads the new posts anyway, so classifieds will just mean an extra click??

If it is easy to do then set it up, if it is a hassle, then save yourself some time and go to the beach instead.
really not a big deal to me, just wanted this place more organized for you guys :biggrin:
We're a bit small but you could give it a go and see if it gets any use!
I think it would be a good idea. Give it a go.
ok ill set it up for you guys!!
completed!! enjoy :biggrin: i just thought it would help you all out since there are quite a few of you here adn selling your stuff locally would be easier instead of sending it out to the states
Originally posted by mickyboy@Jan 17 2005, 12:07 AM

np :thumbsup:
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