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average 9.87 L/100
Wow. Do you do a lot of freeway driving?

i dont do much highway driving, its mostly drive to work once a week, drive to rugby training and game 3 times a week and weekend spirited driving on tassie bendy roads :)
I'm very much the same. I catch teh train to work and drive to soccer training and game twice a week. Then its just incidental km's.

aust350z i noticed the most you have put in it was 73.5L man that must have been empty LOL
and you avg 65.7
67 was my max, ive heard of our fuel gauge senders sometimes can slowly become inacurate
maybe i have more fuel in my car than i think i do when its reading empty and the DTE is -- LOL
I've taken 77 litres before I started recording which has been the most. That was near empty!!

My DTE goes ---- generally around 480kms or so. I tend to keep driving to about 550km and fill up. Ticks me off when I only then take 65Lt too..
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